The Workshop

The cutlery's workshops
Cutlery forge

With more than 15 cutlers, whom several received awards, the family company Coutellerie de Laguiole is today the first artisan manufacturer of Laguiole knives in Laguiole
Arts and Craft prestige
109 operations for a Laguiole knife with blade only and 216 for a Laguiole knife with blade, corkscrew and punch.
Below you can see the alterations made by men to the raw materials. It is in this long process that rests the difference between mass production and handcrafted production, which is the only way to guarantee that each knife is unique.
The forging mill: the course of steel and brass
Forging: it's a unit dedicated to working of materials and structuring of metal. Even if mechanization is important at this point, it still requires many stages.
Yves Conquet Welding and stretching of the Damascus block..
blade shape
Logo branding pin plate Plate riveting.
Plate drilling
Plate drilling Cutler work on plate Plate straightening
The assembling workshop
Our knives are made from A to Z by the same cutler :
1- He prepares and adjust the knife components (spring, bolsters, blade...)
2- He adjusts the handle manually
3- He assembles the knife in one stage (adjusting the spine, and the blade, nailing and assembling the whole pieces).
4- He rough-hews the handles and the handles materials manually.
5- He carries out the finishing touches : He adds the cross on the handle, he engraves the spine (process called chiseling), rough-hews and polishes the handle.
6- He sharpens the blade.
7- He does the wiping.
pieces of knife
Making of the components. spring work Fitting of the spine.
Riveting handle
Plates and spring riveting. . ajustement knife Fitting of the handle with the plate and the bolsters
hand ajustement
Handles fitting. work post Handles fitting work post.
handle drilling
Handle drilling cross insertion Drilling the handle for the cross insertion.
fixing handle
Cross insertion. handle riveting Handle riveting.
bolsters riveting
Riveting of the lower bolster blade riveting Blade riveting.
Handle rough-hewing on a coarse-grained strip. medium grinding Handle Rough-hewing on a medium-grained strip.
fine grinding
Final rough-hewing on a fine-grained strip. knife polishing Laguiole knife polishing
Completions damascus shaping Shaping of a Damascus blade
Our motto : one man, one knife.
Our handcraft workman shift respects the ancestral tradition of original Laguiole knives.
Our knives are manufactured from A to Z by the same cutler. When a set of knife is finished, the foreman controls it quality, erase the imperfections and then the knives are rubbed and labeled.
In mass production men's role is reduced to the lowest degree.
In factories there is division of labor. The knife goes from one unskilled-worker to the other, each of whom does one operation before he passes the knife on to the next worker. Mass-production goes along with outputs and thus the cutler's skill is replaced by numerically controlled machines.

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